Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't be THAT girl

If y'all didn't know, I went on a cruise for spring break. First and foremost, best idea ever. It was so much fun! You should definitely go on one.

While we were on the cruise, my friends and I decided that we wanted to go by different aliases. We had Layla, Libby, Nadia, and Karen. It was actually kind of fun. When we got back from the cruise, I thought about how we changed our names but not where we were from, majors, etc. We all pretty much remained the same. I thought of other girls I had seen on the cruise and wondered if anyone else decided to change their identities, too. Then I thought about how girls change themselves all the time to get the attention of a boy. I remember seeing girls trying SO hard to get other guys' attentions. I saw girls dumbing themselves down to act "cute." How do I know this? I remember having conversations with girls then seeing them turn and talk to guys. They were so incredibly intelligent when talking to me then when they talked to the guys they would pull the "wait...what?" card. That was my cue to bless a heart and walk away.

There are so many stereotypes and standards of how girls and guys should act. It's actually quite obnoxious when I think about it but you should not have to change yourself to impress a guy. If you're like me, you date to marry. This guy is going to learn the real you eventually. You may as well show him who you are and what you're all about before you waste both his and your time. If you're sarcastic, be sarcastic. If you're sassy, be sassy. If you're funny, be funny. The guy that you're supposed to be with is going to love you for everything that you are. You want him to love you, right? The real you? So be the real you. Show him what you have to offer. If you're independent, don't try to change yourself because that is what a woman "should do." Go on with your bad self, girl. You should always strive to be the best person you can be but you shouldn't have change yourself to make a guy like/love you. If you do, he's not falling in love with you. He's falling in love with the person that he THINKS you are, and you can't keep that up forever. I'm sure that would get exhausting.

So ultimately, my message is: embrace you, love you, just be you. You'll find the boy who loves you for everything that you are despite your quirks. You're amazing and wonderful and it's only a matter of time before God sends someone your way who will appreciate you and treat you like the princess that you are.

Love, M.