Thursday, July 18, 2013


I'm going to go ahead and start this by saying that we are all human. Our lives do not always go according to plan. Things happen or don't happen. Most of us preach to trust God and His timing but what happens when you pray for something and He doesn't send it your way? You get disappointed, right?

So maybe right now you really want that boy to notice you and finally make a move or maybe you are praying that your relationship will go back to how it was in the beginning when it was "perfect." Let's say it doesn't happen the way that you want it to...that boy doesn't notice you or you guys break up. The pain is real, right? It's there. I can't explain enough how many times that I've been disappointed that things don't go my way but recently I've had an epiphany. Don't you think that God is disappointed in us when we don't trust Him? In His timing? When we defy Him? Have you ever thought about that? I honestly haven't thought too much into it until the pastor of my church preached about it about two weeks ago. 

I've said over and over again that God always has your best interest in mind when creating the great plan that is your life. I mean it. He wants what's best for you regardless of what you may think. Don't get me wrong, I struggle with this soo much but ultimately I have to remember that no matter what plan my mind can think up, He always knows what's best. Instead of focusing on the fact that I am disappointed that the plan that I concocted and dreamed up in my head didn't go according to plan, I need to think "You know what, God? I trust You." Instead of focusing on what I want God to do for MY life, I need to think of how I can live for Him, to spread His word, and to show others how amazing His unconditional love is. 

Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart. 
-Psalm 37:4

Love, M.